Hot Daycare Dad

I’m going to start this post with an apology of sorts…to Hot Daycare Dad, as I assume he doesn’t know that associating with me would lead to a blog post about him. In my defense, its all going to be positive.

So as mentioned before, my online date cancelled. And then he “ghosted” me, meaning: I never heard from him again. We are still Facebook friends, so I can see that he has not died or been stricken with a disfiguring disease. Whatever his reasons were: he cancelled and ceased all contact.

My good friend was appalled by this. She is also currently my boss and my self appointed life coach. Within hours of my cancelled date she announced she had someone else for me, “a dad at the daycare”. I asked who and she told me.

Let me back up. I belong to a “mom group” on Facebook, and over time there has been a “hot dad” thread. Either women posting pictures of their hot husbands, or women secretely snapping shots of a soccer coach who happened to be ripped or a sexy young dad at the park…you get the idea.

Shortly into my new job, a dad came to pick up his daughter. As said child is one of my favorites and also reminds me of my own wild child, I struck up a conversation with him. Totally in an innocent teacher/parent type of vein. I had no clue that he was single. But I did think of the “hot dad” thread because, well, he was cute. Obviously I wasn’t going to snap a photo at daycare.

Fast-forward to my boss announcing her prospective match-making. “It’s so-and-so’s dad!”

Me: “Okay!” Because…it was hot daycare dad.

What commenced: a facebook friending, a few conversations, and a plan for a “date”. And then…45 minutes before said date…he cancelled.

Me: “what the actual fuck, universe?”

My boss: “He had to work overtime. Don’t be a princess!”

And so, I very vulnerably let go of my previous rejection and we made a rescheduled date. It was a short frame of time. It was just drinks. We made plans to meet at a local bar and I made the conscious decision to arrive first and buy my own drink. He arrived second and bought my second drink.

We chatted, the conversation flowed easily despite having nearly nothing in common besides kids and divorce. We exited with a hug which I think was okay. I also think, had I given the right signals, it could have ended in a kiss. Which would also have been okay but…I was nervous. I think he was too. There was definitely a moment at the car where things got silly and awkward.

But. I left with a huge smile on my face. I felt giddy. He texted me before I was even home with “that was fun.” Simple, easy. But. The last time I had a “first date” was 18 odd years ago…with PC. This time it was as a 39 year old woman, in a bar, with an incredibly hot guy.

So. There’s that. Hey, PC (and I hesitate to even include him in this post). But hey. Had you not done the things you did, had you not put me in this place, I would not be in a position to experience this whole “first date” phenomena. Hot Daycare Dad may not be my future husband, or even anything more than a dude I went on a date with. But for the first time…it sure was a hell of a pleasant experience.

Like I said, stay tuned!


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