About The Charlotte Fox Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl who started a blog because it was the only way she knew to survive. A normal, seemingly happy life was suddenly thrown into a vortex of drama, divorce, infidelity, and all those other things that seemed to happen to other people.

It started as a private diary in all senses of the word. And then something happened. One person read the words meant to be a personal salve for heartbreak…and those words resonated. And then another person, and another. Narcissism and adultery are not new concepts, nor are they rare.

And along the journey, as with any rock bottom, comes a period of enlightenment and self study. An ability to see and grasp the world differently. This was not just a blog about the black depths of despair, but also of the tiny fractals of life that shine exactly when we need them.

If you’re new, the original Charlotte Fox Story has been laid to rest. However, while there are many things that others can tarnish, my voice is not one of them. is All stories must start at the beginning; but it’s important to understand that the beginning is not a constant.