About “The Girls of West Star”

Anyone who is writer in their soul will tell you that writers go through…phases. Periods of time, to be specific, in which nothing flows. In which the desire to write is flaccid. Ideas may swim around at the most inopportune of times (like in the shower or when you’re trying desperately to sleep) but they never make it to a page or a screen.

And then? Then there are times when the words flow so hard you couldn’t hold it back if you tried. Those are the times when you hammer away at your laptop at 6 in the morning or midnight, whatever floats your boat. When you scribble phrases on the backs of grocery lists. The times when you seem to bleed creativity.

As it was, when this blog was in its beginning stages, so was The Girls of West Star. A story originally written and put to sleep in a file, its characters were revived, altered, finished, and published.

The Girls of West Star is available in both hard copy and kindle editions on Amazon.