Rock Bottom, Chapter 500

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend of mine. She is someone who could not be more different than me and yet, somewhere in the years of knowing each other, we bonded. I distinctly remember facetiming her just a day after PC left, and I distinctly remember standing in her kitchen days later as she … Continue reading Rock Bottom, Chapter 500


Freedom…Just Another Word?

At least I'm free. That's what everyone tells me. Its what everyone has said from the beginning, but you're free of him. Everyone: family, friends, strangers. Internet friends. Myself. I have said and written those words again and again and again. Freedom. And yet, freedom comes with a hefty price tag. For starters, I am not free from … Continue reading Freedom…Just Another Word?

The Simple Answer

It becomes apparent, when dealing with a narcissist--whether married, divorced, related...whatever--that there are certain themes that resonate. Certain pieces of scenery along the journey seem to come up again and again, as if walking down a path and experiencing deja vu with a dose of Alice in Wonderland. After all, narcissists are mad and sometimes, … Continue reading The Simple Answer