Rock Bottom, Chapter 500

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend of mine. She is someone who could not be more different than me and yet, somewhere in the years of knowing each other, we bonded. I distinctly remember facetiming her just a day after PC left, and I distinctly remember standing in her kitchen days later as she … Continue reading Rock Bottom, Chapter 500


The Storm Before the Calm

So, something weird has been going on for the past few weeks. PC has been compliant. Civil, communicative even. Like a normal soon-to-be-ex that harbors distain but still manages to behave like, well, a human being. PC has been relatively human in the aspect of texting. In particular, the middle-of-the-night nasty messages have ceased. In … Continue reading The Storm Before the Calm

When Everyone Has Husbands and Plans

Most of the time, I'm okay. Except when I'm not. Like when its a Friday afternoon in October. A 70 degree Indian summer day. Everyone is celebrating the weekend walking around in shorts, making dinner plans, taking their kids to pumpkin patches and haunted trails and fun fall festive events. Me? I'm handing my kids … Continue reading When Everyone Has Husbands and Plans