Hot Daycare Dad

I'm going to start this post with an apology of Hot Daycare Dad, as I assume he doesn't know that associating with me would lead to a blog post about him. In my defense, its all going to be positive. So as mentioned before, my online date cancelled. And then he "ghosted" me, meaning: … Continue reading Hot Daycare Dad


The Storm Before the Calm

So, something weird has been going on for the past few weeks. PC has been compliant. Civil, communicative even. Like a normal soon-to-be-ex that harbors distain but still manages to behave like, well, a human being. PC has been relatively human in the aspect of texting. In particular, the middle-of-the-night nasty messages have ceased. In … Continue reading The Storm Before the Calm

This Home is Just a House and Other Metaphors for my Life…

Hunkering down in a blizzard seems like a good time to dream about the future. Specifically, the future that includes sunshine and beaches, but also that long-term model, the one that everyone keeps reminding me will be worth this in the end. And what is my long-term model? I'm envisioning a life of warmth, laughter. … Continue reading This Home is Just a House and Other Metaphors for my Life…