Dead Inside?

The times, they have been bleak lately. I actually said out loud, twice recently, I feel dead inside. This was in jest, of course, in the taste of unfiltered dark humor, but there's always an underlying truth to what we say. It can be attributed to things, I suppose, if I wanted it to be. The life of … Continue reading Dead Inside?


The Simple Answer

It becomes apparent, when dealing with a narcissist--whether married, divorced, related...whatever--that there are certain themes that resonate. Certain pieces of scenery along the journey seem to come up again and again, as if walking down a path and experiencing deja vu with a dose of Alice in Wonderland. After all, narcissists are mad and sometimes, … Continue reading The Simple Answer

Pandora’s Box (The Modern Day Adultery Version)

Hindsight is 20/20, so they say. I would wager a guess that this is never more true than when someone betrays someone else. Because, while looking into a crystal ball of the future, everything is unwritten. Everything is a guess, a hope, a mystery, a goal. Everything is roses, hopes and dreams. No one thinks … Continue reading Pandora’s Box (The Modern Day Adultery Version)